Inaccurate Calculator
Good as a visual aid to point out inaccuracies in Radiometric Dating.
Minus sign and divide sign have been switched,
so the calculator does not give an accurate reading for either of these functions,
much like Radiometric Dating results.

You can very easily make yourself an Inaccurate Calculator.
The one pictured above can be purchased at Dollar Tree.

You can use any calculator as long as it can be taken apart with screws,
and the rubber divide, multiply, and minus keys are the same size and shape.

First remove the back of the calculator.
Then carefully remove the rubber keypad.
In order for this to work easily, the divide, multiply, and minus keys
should be the same size and one on top of the other.

After removing the rubber keypad, take scissors and cut the three keys
as one unit. You can now turn the three keys upside down as a unit,
and replace them, along with the remaining keys,
in the holes in the front piece of the calculator.

Put the two pieces of the calculator carefully back together
and replace the screws.
Check the calculator out and make sure all keys work.
The calculator should now add and multiply correctly.
But since you switched the minus and divide keys,
the calculator should now divide when you hit the minus key and vice versa.

If making an Inaccurate Calculator seems too complicated or beyond your abilities,
you may order one already made by Clifford Scott.

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This price includes any tax and postage to anywhere in the Continental USA

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